The ABC Scale

The ABC Scale is a scale to highlight the audience within class groups. The categories the letters represent are:

A – Upper Middle Class (Higher managerial, administrative and professional, such as managers)

B – Middle Class (Intermediate managerial, administrative or professional, such as deputy secretary, or similar professions)

C1 – Lower Middle class (Supervisory or Clerical, junior managerial, administrative, such as a supervisor for a company)

C2 – Skilled working class (Skilled Manuel workers, such as mechanics, or entrepreneurs)

D – Lower working class (Semi and unskilled Manuel workers, such as mechanical trainees, or building labourers)

E – Lowest level of subsistence (state pensioners or widows, casual or lowest grade workers, such as students)

When looking at earnings within the bands, the estimate earnings a year are:

A – £50,000 and over

B – £35-50,000

C – £15,000 – 25,000

D – £7,000 – 15,000

E – £5,000-7,000


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