Genre types are vast and in the modern media making world, hybrid genres are being created as well as doing things in the media to confuse the genre identification. My group looked at genre in electronic games and also at the horror genre.

To count as a gaming piece of media in terms of genre, it has to follow certain conventions. For a start, it would be produced by a gaming institution, for example Nintendo or Treyarch. Secondly, it would be playable; a user can manipulate the actions of the text themselves, controlling what happens. It would also be entertaining.

Looking at a game in my cabinet, i evaluated what genre it is. I choose Goldeneye 007. I loved this game when I was younger. The first genre it falls into is video games – it is a piece of media a consumer can play with through an electronic platform. Secondly it is a movie-game; it was made based on, using characters and ideas from, and homage to a film. It is an action game, following the conventions of violence. It is a shoot-em-up; the action the player does is by shooting other characters. It is a FPS or First Person Shooter; the player IS the character they are controlling, seeing things from their viewpoint and manipulating them.

If I created a new media text based around genre, I would want to choose a genre type and break its conventions. Although different and a change to its audience may make them not want to consume it, I think they would be more engaging and exciting for an audience. For example, if I did a thriller piece, it would included all the normal mis-en-scene features of a thriller with typical stereotypes in it. However, I would break a convention of Thriller – perhaps making it into a comedy or maybe twisting the plot in that it is unpredictable.


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