For this weeks task, I have chosen a book, Lord of the Flies, and the films Equilibrium and The Terminator.

Applying Todorovs Theory To LOTF:

Equilibrium: The boys are living happily on the island, fending for themselves and are friendly. The conch is the symbol of peace and order.
Disruption: The hunters kill the boar, which becomes the epynomously named Lord of the Flies. The boys social structure then falls into anarchy and chaos with no order. Simon is slaughtered, Piggy is murdered and the conch is destroyed.
Recognition: Ralph, alone and victimised, observes the rest of the boy’s decent into savagery.
Attempt: Ralph tries to make the boys see sense and stop their barbaric ways.
Enhanced Equilibrium: After the forest fire destroys most of the island (which alerts a ship), the boys are rescued. They turn back into boys and not savages and reflect upon their experience.

Propp’s Theory

Hero – Ralph
Villain – Jack
Despatcher – The plane that brought them to the island
False Hero – The metaphorical conception of the Lord of the Flies
Donor – n/a
Helper – Piggy
Princess – A metaphor representing the boys innocence
Father – The ideology of civilisation

Todorov – Equilibrium

Equilibrium: Everyone is content and happy.
Disruption: Protagonist sees ‘terrorists’ attacking this utopia.
Recognition: Protagonist understands how the institutions have being controlling everybody.
Attempt: He sets out to destroy the institution.
Enhanced Equilibrium: He succeeds in destroying the institution which releases everyone of a controlled state and frees them.

Terminator I felt did not strictly follow Todorov’s theory as it has flashbacks and interwoven narratives throughout. However if one looks at the film as a whole it does follow the theory to an extent, just not in the given order.


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