Creative Activism – Jamming and Remixing

I’ve waited to hear about the 2012 Budget proposals for my remix. I’ve decided to go with a clip from the House of Commons in which Ed Milliband openly mocks David Cameron and his party for their intentions with the cuts. Everyone knows that these bureaucrats will benefit immensely in terms of wealth and finance from the Income Tax Cut and Milliband strives to coerce them into admitting this. But they will not. Their silence is enough to confirm this.

This is a very striking issue especially after the politician expenses scandal and one with I think will provoke a strong reaction. The clip actually speaks for itself however, with subtitles detailing what is actually being said (through a comedic front) viewers can see how I understand what is going on and hopefully agree and support my thoughts. The fact that Cameron and his party simply do not retort to Millibands accusation is camouflaging the truth and I think people need this to be made obvious.

I have uploaded my video to YouTube as here it can be viewed by anyone with access to the internet and shared and distributed as and when people want to. This helps spread the meaning of the piece.


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