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Poetic Eyes – Reflection

Manufactured Celebrities

This title I created is striking and immediately shouts out to an audience “I have a point, this is what I think”. I coined the term from how I view celebrity culture.

The point behind this piece was my portrayal of the theory that celebrity culture has found itself as a state of utter perfectionism; it is almost like they are manufactured as perfect. One could say that ‘manufactured celebrities’ is not even a metaphor – I certainly agree with this. Normally when people with a media interest look at ‘celebrity culture’, they see the audiences as the ones framing how a celebrity should be in this day and age. I wanted to make the point that we are just so immersed in this perfect, machine-made likeness that we as an audience make them.

I comment on the fact that celebrities have no imperfections. They are a utopian society. What most people look like, act like or are like does not matter when this god like image of somebody famous is brandished in their everyday lives, so much so that they have passively become unaware consumers of it. Also, no matter how outrages a celebrity behaves, they are not looked upon as lesser beings but rather as something which can be publicised and developed into mainstream news. This can be seen when I talk about Nikki Sixx and Keith Richards being incredibly notorious drug abusers but are still idolised by millions (including myself – though I do not find myself hypocritical as I am just stating what I see in celebrity culture).

I drew clips from predominant members of the celebrity world such as Cheryl Cole, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lady Gaga to name but a few. They visualised the words I was saying as part of my recorded poem. I had many pieces of archive footage to create my work with however, some of the clips would not work when I tried to edit them together. I intended to include still images in the piece, such as Michelangelo’s David, but I ended up putting more than I wanted to. This was commented upon in my feedback.

The poem itself is one that I am quite proud of. I started writing words and names that I related to the ideal of ‘manufactered celebrities’ and my poem grew from there. Poetry has always been a forte of mine so once I had a concept, I found ideas flourishing out of my mind. I linked the words I had written down and came up with other words that rhymed with them based on celebrity culture. For example, they have perfect, white teeth, ‘magnificant white’ and they do not have ‘no fat or stretch marks nor cellulite’.

I really enjoyed creating this piece of work. I also feel like I did something a little bit different to other pieces in the group.


Poetic Eyes – Manufactured Celebrities (Written)

Moulded to perfection by a longing society,
they walk among us like a god or a titan.
They are the way we all should be,
perfect specimens, no variety.

Magnificent breasts, genuine fakes,
solid muscle from the protein shakes.
Teeth like pearls, fantastic white,
no fat or stretch marks nor cellulite.

All parties and fun and paparazzi glam,
but underneath it’s all a sham.
No real human here, no actual being,
the mags don’t show you what you should be seeing.

They’ve got the money to be how they are,
the speedboat, the plane, the overpriced car.
They can spend it on drugs like old Keith and sad Nikki,
or change how they look like hot Pam and mean Mickey.

The plastic fantastics, the curves and the bums,
all enhanced with lipo and tucks on the tums.
Even with too much, they’ve still got the fame,
for them it’s just surgery, it’s just like a game.

Flawless jaw lines chiselled by great artist Mikey,
even Brad Pitt looks good as a shabby drunk pikey.
Some are stunning, like Cheryl in nought but a bra,
or wacky and crazy like fucked up Gaga.

We made these idols, our society,
artificial celebs from a nice factory.
But don’t dream of being them ‘cos your failing to see,
your dreams should be real just like you, just like me.