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A – B Project: Process and Final Product

I decided that Prezi should be the platform to tell the story as it can create an interesting static (NB when I use this term it relates to the fact that Prezi is not a moving image or video/film. Instead it moves between text, images and video if needs) way of telling the story.

I have included different multimedia platforms and will discuss them:

 – Firstly, I made use of iPhone technology. In the story, Billy Bones has a map to treasure island that Jim acquires. I used Photoshop to incorporate a treasure map onto an iPhone screen and claimed that Billy Bones showed his iPhone to Jim who later sent the picture as a MMS to Jim’s own phone. This later became a motif; Jim sends the picture to Captain Smollett’s phone (instead of him giving him the map); Long John Silver Bluetooths (another phone technology) the image to his phone (instead of him stealing the map).

 – I also used the technology of texting and messaging in another way. A wench creates a party with Captain Jack Sparrow (added in only due to the fact I wanted the modern appeal of POTC to complement and connect with my work). Jim texts the Captain to warn him of Long John’s treachery.

– Jim sells Billy Bone’s iPhone on eBay since he disappeared to hospital. This reflected the original where Jim flees a pirates attack on the tavern he a Bones live at.

– Facebook was a huge part of my project. I used it to bridge the gap of Jim meeting Dr Livesey and Squire Trelawney and organising a ship and crew. Instead they contacted ‘Cappy Smollet’ and he in turn invited crew members into a Facebook group to set sail to find the treasure. I put a fair bit of work into making this believable. Since I had used university friend’s pirate night out photographs as roles of the characters, I became Cappy Smollet (Facebook would not let me use ‘Captain’ as a first name when I created his profile) and invited my friends into the group. I asked they change their profile pictures to their pirate costumes and accept Cappy’s friend request and right a pirate style answer to joining his crew; eg Cappy: Who wants to join my crew……Someone: Aye Cap’n I will. After a few people had signed up, I took a screenshot of the Facebook page and then painstakingly changed all their Facebook names to characters in the books names. (see below) ‘JOHN ANKIN’ became ‘BLIND PEW’ etc.

I wont lie, this was a tricky, delicate task.
I also commented on two situation Facebook users come across. The first was saying that Jim got very close friends with Long John and listed him as his ‘Dad’ on Facebook – many users do do this! In the story, Long John is like a father figure to Jim. Secondly was the act of ‘Fraping’ or ‘Facebook Raping’ by altering statuses and settings on someone elses account usually using profanity or changing their gender/birthday/sexual orientation. Long John does this to Captain Smollett, another act of villainy.

– In the original, Jim catches Long John Silver discussing his evil plans whilst he is hiding in a barrel of apples. I modernised this saying Jim was fixing an Apple as in Mac 😀

– Another example of smart phone use, Jim uses an Application (Buried Treasure Ap) to locate the treasure.

– Mina and Long John are part of a ‘poke war’, another recognisable function on Facebook. This leads to her blocking him. Note, in the original it is Ben Gunn who is left on the island but I used the Muppet’s interpretation of this (a means of fitting Miss Piggy into the story) and called her Benjamina (Mina).

– This part I am particularly proud of. In the story, Long John Silver and Ben Gunn were part of Captain Flint’s crew and Long John left Ben on the island. I had to incorporate that into my own story. After the couple break up (Mina and Long John), Silver leaves the island on his vessel “The Broadband”; Mina’s connection was too slow and therefore she missed the boat she intended to leave on. I then made a slow at the fact slow internet causes media content to buffer (normally taking aaaaages) and sometimes it doesn’t even work when I said: “Mina’s connection was too slow however, and she missed her boat. She waited for ‘HMS Buffering’ to come but it never happened.”

– Blackberry Messenger is something that has revolutionised smart phone technology. I thought I would include the fact that people get completely immersed in the world of ‘BBMing’ as its now called. I thought a nice tie-in with POTC’s Jack Sparrow could fit in here nicely.

– Finally, I incorporated a Google Map I had created which details the voyage:



I also did a Wordle of a chapter from Treasure Island.

This is the link to the chapter I used:

This is what the Wordle looked like:

I created my own theme with this. I used a black background which I feel makes bright colours really stand out. I used a cheeky, fun font and the colours blue, orange, yellow, red and purple to achieve my desired effect. I think it looks pretty good but the main interest of it is how so many words are used many times.


A – B Project: Concept

A fairytale to me is basically an adventure with a narrative that basically follows the codes and conventions we assume with them. At first I thought it would be quite tricky to reinvent a fairytale in a digital era however, it soon dawned on me that it has already been done many times before.

The first example I thought of was of Shrek. This revolutionary film took the concept of fairytales, turned it on its head and broke the codes and conventions of it. It gave me inspiration that all you need is to think of a situation, using the narrative from a fairytale, and put them together.

With this in mind, I set about creating my own interpretation of a fairytale.

I decided on certain factors before I was definite on which narrative I would be choosing. I needed to incorporate skills I had learned from using programs like Prezi and Google Maps (also Wordle) as this was the basis to meet the criteria asked of me. It seemed only right that since I was using modern technology to retell a narrative that the narrative itself should include modern technology. The big craze is on networking. Social networking such as Facebook and Twitter in particular; communication technology like Blackberry Messaging, texting, picture messaging; smartphone technology like Blackberry and iPhone’s and other such gadgets and gizmos. This gave me the parameters of what helped drive my story.

As soon as I thought about using Google Maps, something clicked in my head about Treasure Maps – which led to Pirates – which lead to Treasure Island. As a themed night out with my friends, we had dressed as pirates and therefore I had photographic media to use.

I am very familiar with the story of Treasure Island but I used another version of it as research and inspiration. This second version tells the story that everyone knows but in its own version. I am talking about “The Muppet’s Treasure Island”. I always loved this version as it adds humour, breaks the fourth wall, adds things into the story that have nothing to do with the original narrative (ie a frog, Kermit, being a captain). It also includes things such as mentioning subjects which are not from the period of the narrative like including a singing band with drums, electric guitars etc and also modern-day books, costumes,  ideas and mannerisms. It really spins the original story by including Muppet characters and mannerisms that were not in the original book but still keeping to the original narrative.

I now had a narrative and a means of expressing it.