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Asperger’s Syndrome

This is a one minute short test of my potential production. The audio is very poor quality, apologies. The visual is not that great either but these are due to my filming/recording a skype conversation with my cousin. The only downfall with this sort of short interview is that Jenny ‘acts up’ for the camera and is not completely natural.


Documentary Ideas – Aspergers Syndrome

My most potential subject for my documentary would be the story of my cousin, Jenny. Her struggle through her life and her determination to achieve have made her the person she is today.

I will definitely pursue a film with her in the future even if it is not for this module. Her story and her Syndrome are something which not many people know about and if they came across her or it in their lives, they probably would not understand the situation and judge according to their misconceptions.

Jenny is the most loving, caring and loyal person I have ever met. Apart from genuinely being a ‘nice person’ her emotions are even more profound, something which I will explain later. Despite these qualities, Jenny has had a lot of grief in the past. Bullied, ridiculed and left without structured help have left her with  low levels of self-confidence and been emotionally hurt. However, she is strong and through her passions she has overcome these difficulties.

I better explain Aspergers in a nutshell. To understand Jenny, you must understand the Syndrome. To start simply, it is a mild form of Autism which branches off into a vast spectrum. It is known as ‘The Hidden Disability’ due to the fact that there are no physical signs or symptoms that one has the syndrome. The main points that dictate someone with Aspergers are:
– they find it very hard to read communication signals that most people take for granted,
– they process information and relate to other people in a very different way,
– their emotional skills are way more potent than most people.

Although classed as a mild form of Autism, Aspergers creates no barriers in the way of making conversations and speaking to people (in my experience, it’s getting them to shut up that’s the key). People with it are also normally of or above average intelligence. The main problem is they find it difficult to read and interpret signals from someone – for example, sarcasm.

Jenny possesses a remarkable way of processing information which to someone of limited experience with autism would find mind-baffling. She has to create a scenario or prose in her mind to take in and remember things. This comes to a point of being able to spill out a set amount of information in a short period of time. For example, if say a postcode of number plate came up: CV1 5NR, she would remember this with some sort of sentence like “Carefully Victorious Once, Five Nearly Receded”. Despite the fact that to me, this over complicates the initial piece of information, this mechanism helps her keep that information stored in her memory for a a great length of time.

On the note of being academically adept, Jenny can concentrate on things for a long period without being distracted or losing focus. When she sat her Uni exams, she spent 8hours a day reading through notes and making new ones. This went on every day for about a month. She would rarely break to eat or refresh instead mainly do so before and after this block of work. This is very typical of someone with Aspergers.

The scope for the documentary would be to take Jenny’s experience and share it with young people who are Aspergers but are receiving the help they need. She can use her experiences and her knowledge of what it like living with Aspergers to give inspiration and show there is a light at the end of the tunnel for younger people who have lost hope in the belief that nothing can help their condition and no one ‘really’ has what they have. It would show the world that Aspergers does exist but, despite them having it, people are not ‘stupid’ or ‘ridiculed’ but instead acknowledged and helped.